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Silver skin onions are not only a healthy, but also a very tasty addition to many recipes. They are very refreshing and low-calory. Since you can buy them ready-made in jars, they are very convenient and you will not have to shed any tears over peeling them.

Silver skins are also very popular abroad. Spaniards like to combine silver skins on a stick (‘banderilla’) with other vegetables as a tapas variety. It is remarkable that every single country has its own preferences, Scandinavian onions, for instance, are always sweet-sour. In Britain, however, hardly any sugar is added to the onions, so they taste very sour. In France, Italy and Spain silver skins are not only rather sour, but also very salty. And last but not least, there’s yet another variety in the Netherlands: bright yellow Amsterdam onions, delicious with some cheese.

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